Cervical & Lumbar Traction Greenwood, IN Physical Therapy

Cervical and Lumbar Traction

Spinal traction done for therapeutic purposes comprises of either manually or mechanically created forces in order to stretch and mobilize the spine. Spinal traction helps in relieving back pain by stretching the tight muscles of the spine which result from spasm. Spinal traction also helps widen the intervertebral foramen so that the nerve root impingement is relieved thus relieving back pain and radiating pain. Each patient is different and unique and what is effective for one patient may not be as effective for another. Therefore, each potential patient is evaluated thoroughly before starting the spinal traction treatment. This evaluation allows the chiropractor or the physical therapist to decide on the type of spinal traction to be used, the force/weight of the traction and the length of treatment.

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